our weekend fun
some cell phone shots

hamilton missouri

I didn't mean to be gone from the blog for so long.  My excuse is that I have been busy :)  I took a bus trip down to Hamilton Missouri, the home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company...and...I was in heaven!!!!  I got to go to her trunk show and it was AWESOME, plus shop in all 11 of her quilt shops for a couple of days.  There also was a meet and greet at the end.  I have to say Jenny and her husband Ron are so very down to earth.  I took so many photos with my phone but thought to just make a collage of just a few of them.  Ron and Jenny were so cute together during the trunk show, you can see Ron goofing around behind Jenny's back during the show.  Seeing how she put the blocks together really is just so simple and easy.  I left there being very inspired.

MSQC collage

One of my purchases was a coffee mug and on it it says "Make Something today". 


So I did.

I hope you all are doing great and I hope not to be gone as long as I have from the blog.