a few signs of spring
hamilton missouri

our weekend fun

We skipped town and headed to lower Michigan to our son and dil's home.  Mr and our son planned to do some fishing. 

On our way we stopped in Hammond Indiana at the Indiana Welcome Center.

Triple dog dare

Outside of the welcome center there is a statue from the movie A Christmas Story.  The author Jean Shepherd grew up in Hammond Indiana.


Triple-dog-dare 2

Triple dog dare 1

I've been looking for some darker lilacs to plant in our yard, and after the guys came back from fishing my dil and I went to a nursery and I found not only one but two lilac bushes.

The one on the left is a French Sensation and the right one is a French Yankee Doodle.  I am in love with both of these bushes...(lol).


These two guys were so fun to see, with the younger one it's pretty much "monkey see, monkey do".  He follows and does everything his older brother does. 

Da boys

 It was a fun weekend and hope to get back there again for a visit.