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our weekend fun

We skipped town and headed to lower Michigan to our son and dil's home.  Mr and our son planned to do some fishing. 

On our way we stopped in Hammond Indiana at the Indiana Welcome Center.

Triple dog dare

Outside of the welcome center there is a statue from the movie A Christmas Story.  The author Jean Shepherd grew up in Hammond Indiana.


Triple-dog-dare 2

Triple dog dare 1

I've been looking for some darker lilacs to plant in our yard, and after the guys came back from fishing my dil and I went to a nursery and I found not only one but two lilac bushes.

The one on the left is a French Sensation and the right one is a French Yankee Doodle.  I am in love with both of these bushes...(lol).


These two guys were so fun to see, with the younger one it's pretty much "monkey see, monkey do".  He follows and does everything his older brother does. 

Da boys

 It was a fun weekend and hope to get back there again for a visit.

on it's way to texas

Ojs quilt

Olisas quilt

Olisa's quilt

Another quilt done and shipped off to our granddaughter in Texas.  I can't recall the pattern name.  I always wash my quilts and love the crinkled look.  I'm still making my Farm Girl Vintage Blocks but set them aside to finish this quilt.

my love for sewing

Today is Mother's day and it's the first Mother's day with my mom gone and it really was different knowing that I wouldn't be calling her anymore for Mother's day.  I have a box of old photos that were my parents and found this photo of my mom in High School in sewing class (my mom's the one in the middle).  This photo was very small and I blew it up so that we could see it better.


My mom wasn't so much of a quilter, tho she did do some quilting in the later years of her life.  My mom was a seamstress.  There wasn't an article of clothing that she bought from the store that she didn't alter in some way, if it meant shortening the sleeves, putting a collar on it or taking a collar off, she pretty much changed whatever she bought.  When growing up, my mom also sewed most if not all of the clothes my sister and I wore, especially when we were very young.  Looking at the old photos my sister and I were always dressed alike, which was pretty much why people would ask us if we were twins (we were two years apart).

For me it's a no-brainer to where my love for sewing came from.  I've loved to sew since I was young and loved sewing in Jr High and High School, and this photo that I don't ever recall seeing has a pretty special meaning for me.

i blinked and it was gone

Where did April go?

We picked up our meat birds and they are doing fine and getting big, we moved them out of the brooder and now they are outside.

I went on a two day Midwest Farm Girls Seed and Sew bus tour to 7 quilt shops here in the Midwest visiting shops in Minnesota, Iowa and here in Wisconsin.  The theme of the trip was from the Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt.  I went with a friend and we had an awesome time, unfortunately I did not take any photos.  I am working on the blocks and having a lot of fun.


When I drive the tractor to mow the lawn I'm sitting up pretty high and see things.  I spied the shagbark hickory tree leafing out and wild asparagus growing, which I had Mr come and pick so we could have it with lunch.  Fresh picked asparagus is about the best thing there is, tho you either love it or hate it, and I love it.



It's May 4th today, so lets hope the next time I do a post it's not about where did May go.