it's that time of year again
eagles and sewing

seasons over

The sap run is over and a total of 980 gallons of sap was gathered and 16.9 gallons of syrup was made.  It seemed a bit early to be tapping trees and we actually thought for a brief second about waiting.  Boy am I glad we didn't wait.  The temperature now is way too warm for the sap to be running and what is coming out of the trees is not good.  So, it's closed up for the season or unless we get a sugar snow then we might boil again.

First syrup

I have not been in my sewing room other than making an Easter dress for one of the granddaughters and it fit perfectly.  I haven't done any smocking in so long, I'm glad I didn't forget how to do it.

Smocked dress

I started this knitting project back in August on our trip west for our daughters wedding, I'm finally picking it up again.


I feel like I've missed so much on blogland.  I didn't mean to be gone for so long from the blog, but it was busy around here gathering and making syrup and company came to help so that kept me away.