spring has arrived
spring or winter?

it's tuesday

I woke up this morning to the smell of coffee being brewed, and it wasn't Maxwell House coffee.  I love my little corner I've created, it's nice and cozy and inviting when I wake up in the mornings.

Old table

We've had two sets of company this month which was so nice.  After sauna with the last company I made orange floats and they were a big hit with the grand-kids.

Grandchildren Collage

Orange float

I went for a walk this afternoon and passed one of the neighbors who is selling their place.  It's a seasonal place and we only see them occasionally, but they are very nice.  They said the new owners are very nice and will be a great fit for the area. 

Winter is not going away easy this year, we have a winter storm predicted starting tomorrow :(  So I'll probably have some snow shots to show you :(