ice storm continued
taking down a tree

after the storm

Walking our woods to see how much tree damage we had after the ice storm.

Trees 1

Trees 2

Trees 3

The ground was covered with these ice chunks that came off the trees when it started melting.

Trees 5

We continued to walk into the woods to see if we had anymore tree damage.

Trees 7

Mr had already started to cut down trees to make fire wood.

Trees 8

Along our walk we saw a tree that had fallen across the path.

Trees 9

Trees 11

Trees 12

This tree we had taken down after the woodpeckers had pecked it pretty much clean.  You can see a tree still standing where the woodpeckers are making some big holes.

Trees 13

More trees on our property where the tops have been taken off by the ice storm.

Trees 15

Trees 17

And it's definitely mud season.

Mudd 1

Mudd 2

Mudd 3

Well it's never a dull moment here at the farm.