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great smoky mountains

On our way to Texas we stayed a night in Gatlinburg Tn.  It was the first time I had ever been there.


Leaving Gatlinburg we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains and had to stop and wait until the road we were going to take opened up.  Not sure what happened only that there was a storm and maybe a tree fell across the road. 

Anyway, we took a hike through the Sugarlands Area on the hiking tails.  We spied a couple of things along the way.

Log bridge


Most of the folks waiting for the road to open up were walking the trails, but no one seemed to walk out to the cabin in the woods, John Ownby's cabin.



We then walked out to Cataract Falls.


I definitely would like to go back and see more of the Great Smoky Mountains.

a couple reads

On our way to Texas we decided to drive through the Smoky Mountains but the road was closed for awhile so we stopped and hiked along with everyone else trying to drive through.  There was a gift shop so we thought we would browse through it.  Mr bought me a book he thought I'd like and boy did I ever.  It's A People and Their Quilts, and as we drove along I would read the stories to him.


I absolutely fell in love with this book and the women who were interviewed.


Watching Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting one Saturday, I liked a couple of the patterns that were being shown, so I just had to get the book.


Rose over at Pics & Pieces had a book she was reading, Nothing To Tell.  I couldn't pass it up at $.99 and I'm not disappointed.


We have been getting the catalogs in the mail.  


It's that time of year for sure, sugaring, gardening and the raising of chickens.  Oh and reading a couple of good books.

wild turkeys




Looking out the window towards the back of the house I spied a turkey walking through the pine trees.  On closer look I could see more of them, I believe there were 13 turkey's in all. 

This is what I love about living in Wisconsin, wildlife this close.


I hope you're not tired of snow photos.  I'm trying to embrace the winter since it's not going away anytime soon :)  Coming home from town on Sunday I took these shots of the neighbors cows.






While taking close up photos of the cows, I spied the black one trying to peek at what I was doing.


Now, I'll be moooving along :)

some visitors

I haven't fed the birds this winter, since we were going to be gone I quit feeding them late fall.

Blue jay

Cardinal 2


This next one is a new one to the feeder.  After searching my bird book and the internet I think I found what it was.

I think it's a Tufted Titmouse.

Unknown bird1

 It feels good to see my visitors back again.