the love of
the cemetery~summer 2015

december 1st

Wow, where did the month of November go?  I blinked and it was gone.  How was everyone's Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it?  We had a wonderful one.  For the very first time since I started cooking for Thanksgiving, I didn't cook, we went out for dinner :) and it was awesome!  Don't think that we didn't eat since I didn't cook, we still had a fridge full of food and 2 or 3 coolers that held the overflow from the fridge.

The grands (and adults) made a gingerbread house and train.  I'm thinking that the amount of frosting and candies that was used for decorating, the same amount went into their bellies.


Mitch decorating

The grands also went on a few wagon rides while they were here.


Wagon ride

Plus had fun playing up in the loft of the barn.  (photo compliments of Mr with his cell phone)


I missed Travel Tuesday this week so it will be Travel Thursday.