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the love of

The first snowfall.  We did get snow, but I was not at home when it came.  I took this shot this morning.

Badger lodge 2015

Wonderful friends.  I was at a weekend quilt re-treat.  There were just three of us and we had an awesome time.  I totally got to spread out.

Setting up

This was my space for the weekend.

My space

Comfort food, especially when someone else made it.  We ate well.

Tenderloin meal

My home.  I made this wall hanging.  I still have to add some string/yarn to it, so that it looks like the mittens have those strings on them like the ones I used to put on my kids when they were little so that they wouldn't lose their mittens.

Mitten wall hanging

I did get a couple of other projects done, but those are Christmas gifts and I will show them later.

snow's a coming

I'm excited, our first snowfall of the year is predicted to come this weekend.  We have been having rain and because of that the sunsets have not been overly great, until now.  Last nights was pretty good and tonight's was equally as pretty.  It looked as if the hills were on fire.

Fire in the sky

It's been cooler and our wood-stove has been going for awhile now.  With the predicted snow, I made sure there was plenty of food, and Mr has the tractor all ready for snow plowing, there's plenty of wood in the fire box.  Hopefully the people in this house won't be let down because the snow missed us :(  That would just be a total shame.  I LOVE that first snowfall of the year.


Now to hunker down, because the snow's a coming. 

back road

Sunday's we usually go out for breakfast at a small cafe not in our town but one south of us, and sometimes we take a different route home from there.  Tho the hills are not as colorful as they were a few months ago, we do seem to have green grass still.

Down the road

Red barn

Along this road there are some really neat barns and outbuildings that I need to stop and take photos of.  This barn has been recently painted and the roof is in great shape making it so that this barn should be around a bit longer for all to enjoy.



Tho we don't have laying hens at the moment I wanted to share with you a wonderful blog that is a guide to raising chickens.  It's The Happy Chicken Coop and the author of this blog has some really wonderful writings on how to keep chickens and recently blog posts on how to keep chickens in the winter.  Check out this link The Definitive Guide to Keeping Chickens in the Winter.  If you are wanting to get chickens or have chickens and want to learn more about raising them check out the links.

the church~summer 2015

Continuing with my Travel Tuesday.  On our way West we were driving down the road through South Dakota and I spied this church from afar.  We flew by it but Mr turned around for me so I could take some photos of it.

It was pretty clear that this church was not being used anymore.






Church fence

Church fence2

My next Travel Tuesday post will be a continuation of this post, so stayed tuned.

how i spent my day

Today was a good day for homemade chicken soup, so before I went to town I put a pot going on the wood stove.  Since moving here 5 years ago, the two quilt shops in town have closed up.  Today was the last day for the second one, and another quilt shop that is not in town but the next town over which is about 35 minutes away is closing too...sigh...this makes me so sad.

Chicken soup

Living in a log home my decorating style for the holidays has vastly changed.  Swags have gone up over the windows and doors around here.


I've been wanting a mantle by the wood-stove for a long time now.  Mr had gone to our neighbor who has a small saw mill on his property to ask for a  piece of wood, we wanted it to have some character to it and that went up today.


I've also been looking through Pinterest for ideas on burlap wreaths and how to make them.  I couldn't find narrow burlap to make a bow out of, so I just cut this red-polka-dot burlap in half and zig-zagged the edge so it wouldn't ravel any.

Wreath bow

I am so loving how it turned out.


I had a lot of fun making the wreath and now I have an idea for the old flyer sled we have and my old pair of figure skates.

the grand tetons~summer 2015

Yay, the first of hopefully many posts on Travel Tuesday, and if I forget it may be Travel Thursday.

My photos are not going to be in any particular order as I post them.  On our way to Washington state this summer we stopped to see the Grand Tetons.

Grand teton sign

Heading in

The tetons

Beautiful tetons


We had planned on camping for the night here but decided against it as it was raining off and on while we were there, and the rain was going to settle in and stay the night.  I'll admit we both wimped out on sleeping in a tent, in the pouring rain, and for good measure I'll also say it wasn't the warmest either. 

But, take away the cooler weather and the rain, the Grand Tetons are just so majestic!

life does go on

It's been over nine months since my dad passed and over a month since my moms passing.


I've been keeping busy.  Going to a quilt re-treat over the Halloween weekend, I managed to finish a twin size quilt top during that re-treat.

Aubreys quilt
I've been enjoying volunteering at that hospital very much.

I know I've been away from the blog a lot.  I'm trying to change things up here thinking that will get me to blog more, hence the changes here.

I have a lot of photos from our trip west this summer when we went to Washington state for our daughters wedding.  Maybe to get those posted I'll have to designate a day for my travel photos.  I could call it Travel Tuesday or Travel Thursday,  it will depend on which day I do it on.  I've been thinking about doing something like that for a while now.

I can't believe October came and went and Thanksgiving is coming up really fast.  I got all my flower gardens cleaned out, and a BIG thanks goes out to Mr for helping me with that.  The plants that needed to be covered are covered and ready for the cold weather when it arrives.  We have some of the kids coming for Thanksgiving and that will be fun, we are looking forward to that.

I have been looking through some old photos of my parents and that has been fun.  I remember looking at many of them when I was a child and doing so brought back so many memories. 

At times I'm amazed at where the years have gone, but I guess that is life...

and life does go on.