the last of the flowers
i'm racking up frequent flyer miles on my tires

road trip

A couple of weeks ago we got a call from one of our Texas daughters saying that she will be in Minneapolis for the weekend and would we want to meet for lunch, of course we would.  So, we took a road trip up to Red Wing Minnesota.

As always, I grabbed some knitting.  I will confess, I have more than one knitting project going on at the same time :)

Coffee and knitting

Heading through the hills the fog was in the valleys.  It made for some pretty shots.

Fog in the valley


We of course had to stop into the Red Wing Shoe Museum.  Mr used to buy Red Wing boots when he worked construction.

Redwing boot

Beautiful days we are having, but I know the colder weather is just around the corner.  The color change hasn't been that great, only seeing a few trees here and there that are really colorful.  How about you all, are the trees changing color in your area?