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she was 81


Bedside vigil for hours.  She left us in the wee hours of the morning on this 29th day of September. Her heart was broken after my father died and just couldn't live without him.  Then my aunt her only sister passed away leaving her being the only one left living from her family (parents and siblings) and that really took the sails out of her. 

My mother left this earth peacefully with her 4 children at her side.  Kind and loving nurses and patient care workers helping to keep her comfortable all the way until the end.

She has now gone home to her eternal resting place.  We will all miss you Mom.

i'm racking up frequent flyer miles on my tires

Since getting back from our trip west to our daughter's wedding, my mother has been placed permanently in a nursing home.  I've been going back and forth a bit to help out and trying to live life 3 1/2 hours away.  A few doctors appointments along with my siblings and I packing up her things from her apartment.  That was bittersweet, pleasant and painful both.  What wasn't packed in boxes to be stored or taken by family, was donated.

So, in the midst of all that, I joined a take and swap that Nancy from Wyoming Breezes had hosted.  I received the package, picked out what I wanted, replaced what I took with items that I had to give away, taped it up again, printed a mailing label and off it went to it's next destination. Whew, did you get all that? LOL :)

I also received from Nancy a jar of honey and a cute Longaberger basket.  Thank you Nancy.

Honey and package

I wound up this yarn and I couldn't believe how big the cakes ended up being.  I love this yarn and I can't wait to get started on knitting it up in the Bozeman Vest.

Bozeman Cakes

The mornings now are so beautifully cool, but we're still having nice weather in the 70's and low 80's, which I am enjoying, the snow will be here before you know it and I'm enjoying each day till it gets here.

I call this next photo the morning after The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Did you all see it last night?  Wasn't it awesome!

Morning fog

And life goes on.

road trip

A couple of weeks ago we got a call from one of our Texas daughters saying that she will be in Minneapolis for the weekend and would we want to meet for lunch, of course we would.  So, we took a road trip up to Red Wing Minnesota.

As always, I grabbed some knitting.  I will confess, I have more than one knitting project going on at the same time :)

Coffee and knitting

Heading through the hills the fog was in the valleys.  It made for some pretty shots.

Fog in the valley


We of course had to stop into the Red Wing Shoe Museum.  Mr used to buy Red Wing boots when he worked construction.

Redwing boot

Beautiful days we are having, but I know the colder weather is just around the corner.  The color change hasn't been that great, only seeing a few trees here and there that are really colorful.  How about you all, are the trees changing color in your area?


knitting and quilting

Doing both at the retreat I went on this past weekend.

I finally pulled out a quilt that I started on from a Block of the Month, oh I'd say about 4 years ago.  What was I thinking. I was very new to quilting and to tackle something this complicated was just crazy.  But I've been slowly plugging along on it and I'm getting to the point of putting it together...Yay!!!

Bella verona

Mini quilts made from my stash that I've been wanting to get rid of.


I can't wait to hang this one next summer in celebration of the 4th of July.

Flag quilt

I joined a knit-a-long over at Ravelry.  I got a late start but got caught up at the retreat.


It's nice to be gone, but it's nice to be home too.

Knitting and quilting, I just can't decide which one I like better.

Does it really matter tho.  I can love them both equally.


it came and went

Where did the summer go?  Labor day has come and it's almost gone.  School has started and the last of the hot weather seems to be leaving us.  We spent a quiet day today not doing much of anything, but yesterday we met some friends and went to The Fireside Theatre for dinner and a show.  The Pump Boys and Dinettes were performing their last show and it was very good.

Big bold meatball

Today, like I said was spent quietly.  I made Big and Bold Meatballs for dinner and it was very tasty.  I had made this before but I don't think I had posted about it.

Yellow sunflower

Pretty soon the sunflowers will be gone, they are the last of my flowers that are blooming.
Tonight I could hear the coyotes howling for the first time in a long time.  I turned off the A/C this morning and it sure felt nice to hear the outside again.


the color is...


The flowers along with their colors around here are dying out, except my sunflowers they are still blooming.  Tho I planted them at the tail end of when it was safe to plant and have them still grow.

I have fallen in love with yarn that I had found in a shop in Dillon Montana, made by Mountain Colors. It's so fun to have a few shops to buy yarn from, because they all carry different yarns.  So to say I was very excited to receive a package in the mail with yarn I bought.  I plan to make this vest for myself. 

We have had a really nice summer but the past few days have been pretty warm.  I'm not complaining really, just making conversation ;)))

Oh, and the color is...Yellowstone.


knitting for charity

Orange hat

I read and ad in our local paper that was looking for people who knitted or crocheted who would be willing to make hats, scarves, mittens or even donate yarn for others who did.  So I thought why not, I wouldn't have to make a ton of them, and they're not due until November 1st, plenty of time to get a few done.

Here's one down and who knows how many more I'll get done :)