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heading west

The first night into our travels we camped.  Here are just some random photos that I took along the way. 


Herrick feed mill

Main street

Sometimes you see things and wonder what in the world can it be and why (lol).


I was amazed at all the small towns that we went through that were pretty much ghost towns, not too many people living in them.

Powder river

Tumble inn

Along the way we eventually met up with a fellow blogger Nancy.  We had a wonderful visit at a cute cafe in her town and then we continued on our way.


I have other photos to post in between our leaving and meeting up with Nancy but those will be posts all their own.

It's starting to cool down here some and starting to feel like fall is just around the corner and I'm loving it.


mountain colors

I mentioned before in a post about loving Eastern Montana, and this is why.  We stopped in a small town in Montana for a bite to eat and shop.  While Mr was visiting a fly shop, I visited not only a quilt shop but a yarn shop as well.  The awesome thing is that the yarn shop was named The Daily Yarn.  How awesome is that!  So of course I had to stop there.  And being that I love to buy local, I had to buy this beautiful mountain color wool yarn, that is died to the colors of the mountains.  A couple of Montana gals sell their wool in the shop, which is called Mountain Colors Yarns.

Mountain colors

Then heading to Spokane we passed this beautiful stream where there was a hatch going on above the river, so we stopped so Mr could get some fly fishing in.  I didn't mind as I was knitting, but when I looked out over the river to the mountains I saw the colors of the yarn that I was knitting.

Montana mountain river

Mr did catch about about 7 or 8 fish, that was until the fly that Mr was using which was a crane fly got chewed up so bad the fish wouldn't bite anymore on it.  The fish were hitting pretty hard on the surface and it took him a few tries of other flies until he finally found the fly that they were hitting on.  We didn't keep any he just released them after they he caught them.  Mr had gotten a two day fishing license instead of just a one day, and boy was he glad he did.

Jim fishing

Pulling it in

The catch

Letting it go

When we first stopped there were only two other men fishing, then just before we started to leave I looked over down the river and saw a few other men had stopped to fish as well.

Fly fishermen

If you look closely in the next photo you can see all the flies.  Close up in the photo it looks like little bubbles.

Flies and pole

"What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly fisher calls a great hatch."

~Patrick F. McManus


the rehearsal


The lodge

The food


The wedding of our daughter was going to be held here in Wisconsin, but it was moved to the Spokane Washington area at a lodge in the mountains. 

We had a nice time heading out there.  We  took our time and enjoyed our short vacation very much, and the wedding turned out very nice despite the distance.  I'm still recuperating from our travels.

I love living in Southwest Wisconsin, but I have found a new love in Western Montana.