mid-summers eve
greetings from westby wi

yes...you are at daily yarns

I did some blog cleaning here.  Not sure if that will get me to post more, we'll see how that goes...LOL!

I've been messing with my blog look, especially with the colors so if you came here and it was one color and then came again and it was another, that was me just seeing which color I liked.  For now I think I'll stick with this color.  So, I hope you like the "new look" here on the old blog.

These two lilies can be found in my yard and I just love them both. 

Orange lily

Yellow lily

Still waiting for the new bulbs I planted to bloom, but they are getting there.


Our bonfire went well last night, I have to say after the rains stopped it got pretty warm, and Sadie found the perfect spot to stay cool.


Sadie girl

Today is a beautiful day and it's Fathers Day.  Y'All have an awesome day!