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a couple of old barns

Tobacco barn


These both were taken on this past fathers day.  On our way back from brunch we took a round about way home. 

I still love taking photos of barns tho I don't post them as much.  There's one thing we've noticed, around here at least, it's that if an old barn has a nice solid roof on it, the barn walls are almost 99% in great shape.  Whether the roof is new like in the first photo or rusty like in the second one.

I'm linking today with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Barn Collective.


yellowstone 2014

The first two photos were taken through our front windshield which by this time was pretty dirty.  You are seeing these photos how we saw it, through bug splattered windows and all, and these photos are mostly drive-by shots :)


The entrance

Snow capped mountains



Fallen trees

Two buffalo

I'm not going to overload the photos as I have LOTS more.

So stay tuned.


trip west 2014

Side mirror

Cloudy view 2

Cloudy view



Leaving the cows and the medicine wheel behind, we had to stop in the brake check area.  Coming down the steep hills causes your brakes to overheat and sure enough ours were pretty hot.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for the brakes to cool down, so Mr headed out for a little hike, while I stayed near the van and took photos.


muddy creek or muddy crick?

How do you pronounce it, Creek or Crick?

Muddy creek

We've had some heavy rains come the other day and the creeks and river were pretty muddy from all the rainfall.  I love the cow path down to the waters edge.

I'm guessing it depends on which part of the country you're from on how one pronounces it.  Or, you can check out the link HERE that has some really neat answers to if it's creek or crick.


greetings from westby wi





Window collage



Father's day we traveled to Westby Wisconsin for a fathers day brunch.  We don't get here that often as it's a bit of a drive.  They have the cutest shops and I have been meaning to take photos of the side of the building where the painted windows are. 

For a small town it's busy, busy, busy. are at daily yarns

I did some blog cleaning here.  Not sure if that will get me to post more, we'll see how that goes...LOL!

I've been messing with my blog look, especially with the colors so if you came here and it was one color and then came again and it was another, that was me just seeing which color I liked.  For now I think I'll stick with this color.  So, I hope you like the "new look" here on the old blog.

These two lilies can be found in my yard and I just love them both. 

Orange lily

Yellow lily

Still waiting for the new bulbs I planted to bloom, but they are getting there.


Our bonfire went well last night, I have to say after the rains stopped it got pretty warm, and Sadie found the perfect spot to stay cool.


Sadie girl

Today is a beautiful day and it's Fathers Day.  Y'All have an awesome day!


mid-summers eve

First cutting

Wow, did you fall out of your chair?  I'm posting two days in a row :)

I love this farm down in the hollow.  This is over on the next ridge from us.  We were heading on our way to get some ice cream (which was closed by the time we got there...insert sad face).

Sitting here this morning with the windows and doors open I can hear the wind rustling through trees.  Mr had opened up the house when he got up this morning as it was very stuffy inside.  For being June 20th it's pretty cool out this morning. 

Tomorrow marks the date for summer solstice, which is the longest day of sunlight for the year, and with that the days start getting shorter and shorter.  I know this day also as mid-summer or St Johns Day.  We have celebrated this day a few times in the past.  We do plan to do something tomorrow but not sure exactly what.  We do have another brush pile to burn so if the rain stays away we just might do that.

How about you, do you do anything for summer or winter solstice?


door county



The bay


Doorcounty 4


I met up with two childhood friends last weekend in Door County Wisconsin.  We had an awesome time.  We shopped, we caught up with each others lives, we went to a fish boil AND watched the Chicago Blackhawks win game 5.  It was too short, wish it could have been longer, again I didn't take too many photos.  I just enjoyed the moment.


so many blessings

I've started a few posts in the past couple of days and just have never gotten around to finish them up to post.  My grandma's quilt came out with me the other day for a photo shoot.


I went to Illinois for my mom's 81st birthday and spent the day there.  Heading out there was morning fog.  That was the least of my worries I had come to find out, losing two lug nuts on my rear tire almost spelled disaster, fortunately no one was hurt nor was my van damaged...whew!

Foggy morning

Ann from Welcome to the Garden Spot sent me some Lily bulbs after my dad passed away and they are growing beautifully.  I can't wait until they are blooming so I can show you them.


I'm reminded everyday of the many blessings that are in my life.


home and garden

The rhubarb plant is doing great this year and I made a yummy Rhubarb Crumb Cake.

Rhubarb crumb cake

The wild rose bush is blooming nicely with a lot of bees always visiting it.

Wild Rose

Rose and bee

There's always one that stands guard keeping the other hummingbirds away from the feeder.  It's a constant battle here ;)

On watch-

Life continues to plug along here.  We had the Amish butcher our meat birds and we spent the day processing them all.  Our freezers are full, and the pantry is full with canned chicken, and that is an awesome feeling to have.