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flower power

Grandmas garden


Garden bench




Spilled bucket

I'm wondering if the warmer temps are even going to come this year.  We woke up to 40 degrees this morning and it's been in the low 50's all week.  I did manage to get in some flower planting and need to get out and do a bit of weeding. 

In my last post Sadie was waiting for Mr to get done tending to the chickens.


medicine wheel continued

Moving on with our trip West.  I had a few more photos of the Medicine Wheel that I previously posted.  You can read more on the Medicine Wheel HERE.

It was a long hike up to the Medicine Wheel and we saw a few things along the way.  I had spied this bird on the ground but by the time I could get close enough to take photos it took off.  Sorry for the blurred photos I just couldn't get my camera to focus.  You can see in the last photo how high we were getting as well as from this photo in another post.


Taking off



This was waiting for us at the top, the altitude was at almost 10,000 feet.  There actually was a ceremony going on when we got to the Medicine Wheel and were not allowed into the area without a permit and also we could not take any photos of the ceremony.


Medicine wheel 7

Medicine wheel 3

Medicine wheel 5

Medicine wheel 6

Medicine wheel 8

We did spend some time here and it was worth the walk up to it.


my little bistro

I've been wanting to utilize our front porch/deck more and by doing that I wanted a small bistro type table and chairs to put out there.  It's a smaller porch/deck and a bigger table wouldn't work quite as well.  I call this area the Bistro.

Even tho yesterday was on the cooler side the rains had stopped, so I thought we could eat outside for dinner, bruschetta was on the menu. 


My little bistro table is working out great for photo shots as well.  I've been knitting and crocheting up some dishcloths.  I found the patterns on Ravelry, the one on the right is called The Almost Lost Washcloth and the one on the left is Flower Power Dishcloth.  I worked on these while at my mom's last week.


I almost named this post "my happy place" because that is what I feel when I sit out there in my little bistro area..and that's HAPPY!


number 3

Number 3

This was taken in the Bighorn Mountains last summer on our trip out West. 

I've spent the past few days at my mom's helping her she's having some health issues.  If it's not one thing it's another that keeps me busy.  It's starting to really green up around here and my plants and flowers are really looking nice.  I know my all time favorite time of year is fall, but spring is getting pretty close to being even with fall.


56 chevy

56 chevy

Hood ornament

Going to breakfast one Sunday morning we passed this old 56 Chevy, of course on the way home we stopped to have a look as it was for sale.  We were not looking to buy Mr just had to stop and look :) 

We were talking that it seems like the people who have an attachment to this age car have to be our parents age.  The cars that Mr and I are drawn to are those muscle cars that were in our day.  Still looking for that 69' Nova :)

What is it about those old hood ornaments that attracts the eye tho.  Am I the only one who thinks they're neat?



Cup and book

I'm trying to catch up on blog reading and I'm trying to get back into posting more on a regular basis.  Life is just so busy and I'm trying to slow down some, tho that is not always working for me :) 

I was reading a blog a while back and spied the title of a book in one of the photos that really caught my eye, Through the Kitchen Window by:Susan Hill.  I just had to get it and I was not disappointed when I received it in the mail.  It is just such a cute book with a few recipes in it.  Here is an excerpt from the book that I just loved.


Spring Cleaning

"On The first day of spring, whenever that may be, any day of March, April or May, the sky is swept clear of cloud and rain and winter murk, the morning sun shines in through the kitchen window, and there is a little warmth in it."

~ Susan Hill, Through the Kitchen Window