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grandma's chair

Grandma m's chair

Spinning blue


Natural cowl color

It seems I only get around to posting once a week these days.  I'll show you what I have been up to.  Mr is working on remodeling my quilting frame for me so that I can get the most of the throat area on my machine.  So quilting is put on hold for right now and I have two quilts that I'm itching to get on the frame to quilt...patience, patience.

I took a learn to spin wool class back in December of 2013.  Since then I have done just of bit of spinning, and I've recently started spinning again.  I am so loving spinning.  I took a drive to get some roving from a yarn shop a few towns over, where the owner raises her own sheep and then sells the wool or spins it herself into yarn and sells it in her shop.

I bought some blue roving that I am going to spin and knit into mittens for myself.  I'm knitting a cowl from the yarn I spun from the roving that I received as a Christmas gift

But what I love the most about spinning is that I sit in the chair that my grandmother used to keep in her bedroom.  Where she sat to put on her shoes, where she put on and took off her stockings and unwrapped the bandages that she put on in the morning and took off at night to help prevent her legs from swelling.  I can still remember her sitting in this chair while talking with her while she was getting ready for bed on our summer visits.  I received this chair when we lived in Illinois and it moved with us here to Wisconsin.  This chair has memories for me and I love this chair.

Grandma's chair.


catching up

Oh wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last.  Spring has finally arrived and with that comes the new babies.  This momma I didn't realize at first was nursing twins.

Momma cow

Mom and twins

My oldest granddaughter was going to try and make a t-shirt quilt from all her softball t-shirts.  So, I told her I would make it for her, she was just going to tie them somehow together.  I used flannel for the backing and I love after I washed and dried it how it turned out.

I'm just learning to quilt on a frame and I decided to go with big loops for the stitching to get into the groove of free-motion quilting and to keep the weight down on the quilt since it's already a bit more heavier than your "normal" quilt being made with t-shirts.


Quilt t-shirt


The chicks are getting so big and I totally forgot to take a photo of them but it's been raining, tho we didn't get the weather that some places did with tornadoes touching down.  I pray that anyone that has been affected by the recent bad weather is okay.