thank you

down and back

We crossed the Mississippi river to head south to Texas after my dad's funeral.  We went for what was left of January and we are back now.  I didn't take too many photos with my camera but I did take quite a few with my cell phone and you can see them on Instagram.


We drove through some quaint Texas towns on our way to spend some time with friends down there.

Texas town

We finally got down to the shore on Galveston Island, the weather was cool and rainy but we didn't care we walked the beach anyway.


Met up with a blogging friend Bev.  Mr and I had a wonderful visit with Bev and her husband Brian.


We spent time with the kids.


The girls

Mr and I had the best time away.  We did nothing, other than Mr having to do some work everyday, for him it was a working vacation, for me it was a time to do a lot of knitting and reflecting, and it was good. 

I had contemplated closing my blog over the past few months but I have reconsidered that thought.  I love to blog and I know I've slowed down quite a bit over the past few months.  I know I haven't visited blogs like I want to, and I miss visiting them a lot. 

So for now I will keep it going. 

I'm going to resolve to blog in 2015.