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thank you


I would like to extend again a heartfelt thank you to you all who either commented here on the blog or sent me an e-mail expressing condolences to me and my family in my dad's passing.

I am very blessed to have such wonderful caring blog friends.




I got a call on Saturday the 28th of December, that my dad had gone into a diabetic coma.  I was able to see my dad on Sunday, and even though he was on a ventilator he knew that I was there.  The next day he seemed to be doing a bit better, they had taken him off of the ventilator and was eating and though he was weak he still had his sense of humor.  He had a bit of PT and OT done for an assessment of him and it was determined that he would go to a short term care facility for re-hab.  I went home and that night I got a call that my dad had taken a turn.

My dad passed away at 2:00 a.m. on new years eve.

I know I have been gone from the blog and right now I'm not in a state of mind to blog but I do go on Facebook a bit more.  If you want to connect with me there e-mail me.