fog in the valley
the black hills-part 2


We took a road trip to lower Michigan a few weekends ago to see our son, daughter-in-law and the grandsons, who by the way are growing up too fast.  While there I knitted a couple of hats, one for each of the boys.  The oldest grandson A, wasn't wanting to try a hat on during his meal time :)

It was also time to carve the pumpkins and A was really getting into it, and C wasn't too happy about having his picture taken.


In between our little trips I've been sewing and one of my finished projects was a mystery quilt that I found on Facebook.


After going out for breakfast the other day we followed a grain truck to town.  We were thinking that he lost an awful lot of corn.  Now we know why there is always corn scattered on the roads.

Grain truck

Falling grain

Our phone rang last night and it was from the gentleman who we had met in Montrose South Dakota and had given a bottle of syrup to.  He wanted to thank us for the syrup.  How sweet is that?

I think we are ready for winter, we have enough wood, the gardens are cleaned out and now we just have to sit back and wait for the snow to fly.