the black hills-part 2
touching the bean

american girl place 2014

It was time for another trip to the American Girl Place in Chicago with a couple of granddaughters and their moms.  We arrived a bit early before they opened up and the girls were checking out the displays in the windows.

Checking it out

We really had a lot of fun, and on the way down the girls asked me why I didn't bring my doll.  I thought of it halfway to Illinois but by then it was too late to even turn around to get it.  Jim had given Julie to me a few years ago for Christmas.

American girl 2014

Daughter E had to head back home so the girls, my daughter-in-law A and I walked around Chicago for a bit before taking the train back home.

The bean

Taking photo and posing


Posing with the horse

Posing by the face

The girls had a lot of fun, it was their day.  But I also had a lot of fun as well.