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10 posts from September 2014

the black hills-part 1

Driving into the Black Hills, such a beautiful sight.

The black hills

Black hills barn

We camped in a National Forest campground.

Boxelder forks

We set up our tent right along the Boxelder creek where Mr did a bit of fly fishing the night we got in.

Getting ready

Fly fishing 3

Fly fishing 1

We woke up to a beautiful morning in the Black hills, and there's definitely nothing like having a cup of coffee that was brewed on a campfire.

Tent site


Morning coffee

Wild roses growing along side the creek.


Flowing river

I still have a few more photos from our stay in the Black Hills.


a little bit of trading

A few months back while at a quilt re-treat the subject of pickles came up.  One of the gals makes the best canned pickles, I threw it out to her that I would trade her pickles for some of our syrup.  Well, she called me last week and said she has some pickles for me...Yay!!!!  I was too excited.  I have never canned pickles before, it's not that I can't, it's just why would I when Gail makes the best pickles EVER, and as you can see one jar is already gone.  I think I had a pickle at every meal since I got them, except for breakfast, I didn't have any then ;)

Canned pickles

Our little farmers market in town, I'm not sure how much trading goes on but I do know there's some buying.

Farmers market

I lied, there was one more photo from Labor day weekend.  The remains of our S'mores fire and marshmallow sticks.  Don't you just love S'mores?


I wouldn't trade this time of year for anything.  I love fall or autumn if you want to call it.

How about you, what's your favorite time of year?


a one-room school house

School house 1

School house 2

School house 3

School house 4

School house

School house 6

School house 8

School house 9

Who remembers those one-room school houses?  I'm too young to have been lucky enough to attend one, but here in Wisconsin they are being restored for people like me to go and visit.  The poor grand-kids had to pose with the hot sun shining in their eyes, just so their grandma could take a photo, such good sports they were.

This seems to be the end of my photo taking from Labor day weekend.  I still need to post more photos from our trip west.  So much has been going on here.  I either have no photos to post or I have so many I can't keep up.

I had a very productive weekend and I will post about that later.  The days are nice and warm with the evening and night temps dropping into the 50's.  I'm so loving it.


cooler temps


Sunburst sock

September sunrise

Seems to mean the ripening of pumpkins, where they turn from green to orange.  Another of the volunteer pumpkins from the compost pile, I think there is a total of 3 that we'll get out of the plants that sprouted.  Starting to turn orange.

Cooler temps also means the knitting comes out.  I started another pair of socks, this time I started from the toe up and I love this way.  I had started another pair with this yarn but it sat for so long that I forgot where I was, so I just ripped it out and started this pair.

And cooler temps also means that there will be beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  I woke up the other morning and saw the beautiful sunrise, lately it's been up before me (lol).

The cooler temps also means that it's county fair time, not sure if we'll be heading there at all.  It's also the Madison Quilt Expo this weekend as well.  I had hoped to make it this year but I don't think that is going to happen :(  There is always next year.

I'm enjoying the cooler temps that have crept up on us here.  How about you, are the temps cooling down in your area and are you enjoying it?


the burn pile



Laborday9 Laborday10












We've had a pile that needed to be burned that was getting bigger and bigger by the day.  But knowing the fire was going to be pretty big we had to be especially careful when we burned it.  The fire danger has been low the past few days and it's been pretty green and rainy Mr felt it would be a good time to burn it.

So we lit it and sat and watched it burn.  The only thing missing was the marshmallows :)


berry eating






The house is quiet, our company has gone home.  We had a wonderful Labor day weekend and now it's come to an end.  Most of the kids should be starting school this week if they haven't already started. 

We did a few things over the weekend, and instead of berry picking we did berry eating :) Granddaughter A seems to really love all fruits.  Tho, there's nothing like pulling a fresh raspberry off the bush and popping it into your mouth.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend no matter how you spent it.