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is fall in your air?

Potting bench

Mini midgets

New cloths

Shoe area_

The mums are ready at the local nursery and I just had to get a couple the other day.  I also had to grab the volunteer pumpkin that started growing in our compost pile.

Mr has planted melons in the past but just hasn't been able to get them to grow...until this year.  He planted a melon called the Minnesota Midget, and it's known to grow in the northern most climates.  It was delicious and I know this melon will be on his list to plant next year.

I did a little knitting this week, some new dish cloths that I need badly.  It sure feels good to have some new ones to use.

I've been doing some organizing here.  Between Mr and I we have a LOT of shoes and boots.  Mr has a pile of barn wood that he had gotten his hands on and I had him make me a shoe/boot shelf.  He designed it perfectly to sit over the boot tray that holds our snowy wet boots, and it's the right size so that my birch basket that holds all our winter hats, mittens and scarves fits right next to it.  That basket is very old, my great-grandfather made it for my grandmother to carry her laundry in from the clothesline.  I don't believe she ever really used it as the basket is pretty heavy and with wet clothes added I'm sure it was even heavier.  I inherited it from my mother many years ago and it sat in our attic, but when we moved here I wanted to display it somehow, and hats and mittens just ended up getting tossed in it and that's where it sits.

Fall just feels like it's in the air here, at least in the house it does.


the badlands

We didn't stop in the badlands, we had visited there many years ago and we were really on a tight schedule so we just kept on going...

The badlands

More badlands

down the long road.  It seemed the road was just about as straight as an arrow.

Long road

We also didn't stop at the famous Wall Drug as we visited there too years ago when the kids were small.

Wall drug

I'll try and throw in our trip west in now and again along with what's happening around here. 

I hope you're enjoying the trip so far.


bits and pieces

After a few days of very warm humid temps I woke this morning to much cooler weather.  I had a lot of energy to do some cleaning, it did feel good to be moving around and not sweating as I moved.

Here's the baby quilt I finished and gave to our newest grandson.  I made it with vintage style fabric, it was a lot of fun making this.

Baby quilt

Where do you put all your canning lids?  I have a lot of them and didn't know what to do with them so I kept them in a big bag.

When we started looking for a place here in Southwest Wisconsin, we went into an Amish home that was for sale and in the pantry the Amish wife had her canning rings hanging up like this.  So, whenever I go to get my canning rings for canning I always think of that young Amish wife who gave me the idea.

The pantry

Probably the hottest day of the summer and I canned 2 batches of tomato sauce, there is still more tomatoes out there that I need to can as well.

2014 tomato sauce

I love sitting in the evening by lamp light.  I guess with the month of August quickly coming to and end it's causing me to yearn for fall days, and my favorite time of year.


Mr called me down to his office earlier to show me what has been hanging outside his office door.

Walking stick2

The head

A walking stick, which I can't recall ever seeing before.

I thought I'd share with you a few bits and pieces of life here at Gentle Hearth Farm.


moving on

Still in South Dakota and heading down the road heading west.  Just an FYI, all the photos here are drive-by shots. 

The country is so different out there compared to Southwest Wisconsin.

Field and mountains

What is not different is abandoned homes.

Old homestead

Abandoned homestead


Another homestead

I loved this entrance to this ranch, and look close at the mailbox on the left, it's neat.

Garnos ranch

I still have quite a few more photos to post, so stay tuned.


hidden treasures

There is just something about living in the country that does something for me.  The peacefulness, the clear blue skies, the cows I see as I go to town, the smells, and even drives through the country.  There are so many hidden treasures as I call them, and some are abandoned homesteads that the folks either died and no one wanted the homestead or they didn't have any family to leave it to.


We found this hidden homestead on our drive through the hills on our way to get some ice cream.

Mr pulled the van partially in what was once the driveway that had pretty much become overgrown, but before I got out of the van to take photos we noticed that the house had what looked like a new stove pipe coming out of the roof.  As I was out on the road taking photos Mr pulled out of the drive and back on the road, I thought to myself he must be in a hurry to get that ice cream.

Hidden home

So I quickly took a quick shot of the barn that was totally hidden with the trees and overgrown brush. 

Hidden barn

When I got in the van he told me that he could see a fresh cut stack of wood out on the porch of the old house.  We both wondered if someone might have been watching us through the window.  We pulled into the drive to get off the road in case cars came by on the narrow road, but we had not passed any cars but maybe one on our drive through the hills.

Have you ever seen the movie Deliverance?  This place just screamed it, so off we hurried on down the road in search of that ice cream we were looking for.

If only walls could talk.


2014 garden

Our garden did very well this year.  FYI...In the previous post Mr was turning the soil over digging deep getting it ready to plant some carrots.

2014 garden

lemon squash, peppers, onion

kale, dragon tongue beans, cherry tomatoes

corn, cabbage, buckwheat

We've been enjoying the garden at every meal.  I'm going miss having the fresh veggies straight from the garden when the snow is falling.

Garden veggies

I still have a lot of our vacation photos to post and I will get back to them.  I can't believe that August is almost over.  We are starting to see some of the trees changing colors already.  Tho I love fall and it's my favorite time of year, I'm not too sure I'm ready to see summer go yet.

How about you?


we do miss the water

We headed out and went camping over by Lake Michigan.


Where we frolicked in the water.


Played in the sand.


Went on a nature walk.

Bird watching

Sun going down

We snuggled and visited around the campfire.

Big hug

We cooked on the fire-pit for every meal.

Fire pit

Slept in a tent, got rained on, and stayed completely dry.


Mr and I had an awesome time camping and can't wait to go again.