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hidden treasures

There is just something about living in the country that does something for me.  The peacefulness, the clear blue skies, the cows I see as I go to town, the smells, and even drives through the country.  There are so many hidden treasures as I call them, and some are abandoned homesteads that the folks either died and no one wanted the homestead or they didn't have any family to leave it to.


We found this hidden homestead on our drive through the hills on our way to get some ice cream.

Mr pulled the van partially in what was once the driveway that had pretty much become overgrown, but before I got out of the van to take photos we noticed that the house had what looked like a new stove pipe coming out of the roof.  As I was out on the road taking photos Mr pulled out of the drive and back on the road, I thought to myself he must be in a hurry to get that ice cream.

Hidden home

So I quickly took a quick shot of the barn that was totally hidden with the trees and overgrown brush. 

Hidden barn

When I got in the van he told me that he could see a fresh cut stack of wood out on the porch of the old house.  We both wondered if someone might have been watching us through the window.  We pulled into the drive to get off the road in case cars came by on the narrow road, but we had not passed any cars but maybe one on our drive through the hills.

Have you ever seen the movie Deliverance?  This place just screamed it, so off we hurried on down the road in search of that ice cream we were looking for.

If only walls could talk.