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Hauling brush

Wow, the days have gotten away from me.  Here's what's been happening on the farm.

Went on a quilt retreat and finished up a quilt that has been on my pile of things to get done.

We visited the eagles a couple of weeks ago and the couple seem to only have one eaglet in the nest.

Mr had an evaporator pan from sugaring that he wasn't using so he traded work for it.  A young amish man worked for us helping out in the bush to clear out the brush that was taken down. He had his older sister come along to keep him company.  It was very exciting to see the joy on his face when the job came to an end and he got to take the evaporator home.

We have a couple of the grandsons here for the week and they are having a guys week with Mr.  He has a lot of things planned for them to do.

I'm not finding time to get on the computer lately, seems I have other things that are top priority at the moment.  I have gotten a few e-mails from readers checking on me and I am doing fine, just enjoying and loving life.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Y'all take care!