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Update on the turkey eggs, something had gotten to them and the hen, turkey feathers were found not far from the nest where the eggs had been.  I was totally sick about it all.  We have been seeing a fox hanging around the area and the other night on our way home we had seen a baby fox, otherwise known as a kit, cub or pup and we found out where the den is and there are at least 5 of them.


Two kits



Not sure if these are the ones that got the eggs and hen or if coyotes did.  I'm thinking maybe the coyotes are the culprit.

Mr and I both were very disappointed in the discovery.


memorial day 2014


Vicksburg cemetary

Hi All,

Today being Memorial day, it's a time to reflect and remember all of those brave men and women who died serving our country.

I've been away from my blog and away from blogging.  I totally didn't mean to it just happened.  I had tried last week to do a post and found out that Typepad was attacked again, and just got too busy around here doing yard work to get back on.  These photos were taken in Vicksburg Mississippi on our way to Texas April of 2011.  I have so many photos to post from my files that I don't think I'll ever catch up.

I was also notified by another blogger (Thanks Kar) that she received an e-mail and it seemed like it was from me only it wasn't.  I believe my e-mail was hacked.  So, if you received such an e-mail, sorry about that.

I hope to not be so absent here on the blog, it's just that the outdoors has been calling me, and I've been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having, but we sure could use some rain. 



can you see it?

Nest 1

It's there hidden amongst the branches and leaves.

Nest 3

It's a wild turkey nest.


Eggs 2

Eggs 1

Mr was out working in the bush clearing all the brush that had been cut down and piled up after the goats had visited.  Sadie actually scared the hen off the nest and Mr went to investigate and found the nest.

This is such an exciting find, I hope to be able to get other photos of it.


they're back

Bo male

Male and female



Upside down eating

Taking a break from the regular scheduled program of Door County photos, I thought I would share a few current photos.  The Baltimore Orioles are back visiting the feeders.  The female just can't quite get the hang of using the feeder.


old shed and purple flowers

Old shed


Can you imagine my delight when I spied this old shed on the way to the lighthouse we were going to tour, and the extra bonus was passing this patch of flowers.

I'm enjoying catching up on my old photos that I took on our Door County trip.  I hope you're enjoying them as well.