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spring has sprung

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Barn peak

Good morning evening peeps!  Spring has finally sprung around here and a good indication of that is when you can walk down the road with no coat on :)

We've been working out in the yard trying to clean up from sugaring, getting the garden ready for planting and even doing some planting, raking the rocks that ended up in the grass from snowplowing and other odds and ends.

I've been having windows open to finally get some fresh air in the house, and that feels so good.

Starting to see a few plants popping out of the ground, another indication that spring is here.  Just being outside gets me planning what I want to do around the yard and in my gardens, I've got some neat ideas going through my head, most of them I have found on Pinterest.  I wish I could get my hands on some old barn wood, as I could come up with a few things that Mr could make from it.

Don't ya just love springtime?  New growth, new beginnings and new ideas.