spring has finally arrived
here goes

blog problems

Coffee cup

Lemon pie

Wild lily

Typepad has been having major issues and has been duking it out with a DDoS attack that started last Thursday, and since I had no idea as to what that is I looked it up, and since I'm able to get on at the moment I thought I would do a quick post and let you all know that I'm fine, my blogs fine and tho there are a lot of folks not happy at the moment with Typepad for being down for so long, I'm just happy that they are the ones who can fix it, cause I sure have no idea as to how to fix the problem.  I left Blogger a few months after I started blogging and came over to Typepad and have not regretted it once, not even now with all the problems they have been having.  I think they are doing a wonderful job getting us back up and running.  Thanks Typepad team!!!

Sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee with one of my favorite mugs is wonderful, especially if it's with good company.

Mr had a birthday on Sunday and I made Trisha's Magic Lemon Meringue Pie.  I have to say it was pretty good, sweet, but good.  I guess since cutting back on sugar in my diet things will be a bit sweeter tasting.  We had a wonderful Easter and birthday celebration.

I transplanted some wild tiger lilies that I found close to our property and transplanted them down along the road, the ditches there are so steep that it's very hard to mow, or even mow at all.  I thought planting wild flowers would be nice, and I was so excited to see that they took and are growing, can't wait to see if the wild flower seeds I planted last fall have take as well.

Meanwhile, while my blog has been down, I have not really been on the computer, I've been helping Mr around the farm.  It sure does feel good to get outside and work around the property.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!