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it's calving time


Baby calf


I just love this time of year when the calves are born.

Still busy making syrup, we've made just over 15 gallons of syrup so far this year and lots more sap to boil yet.

Company here again this past weekend to help with the sugaring.

The temps are finally getting warmer here and the snow is almost 100% gone.

It felt so good to be outside today with the temps in the 60's.

I've not been in the sewing room for some time and I'm really missing it, I have a few ideas of things I want to make.

Looking forward to gardening this year.

No big projects like last year, just small ones around the farm.

I planted some wildflower seeds last fall I hope that they have taken.

It's been a long winter here and I am finally ready for spring.


{happy homemaker monday}

 Good Morning!

I had hoped to do a post on Friday before our company came, but it got rather crazy around here.  My dad ended up in the hospital with a very bad bout of pneumonia last Wednesday and I've been rather preoccupied the past few days with that and our company.  I did manage to get to a few blogs but that was all.

HHM Button


The weather in my neck of the woods... 

Right now it's 19 degrees out, the sky is cloudy and overcast.  Wonder if that means rain or snow.


Right now I am...

 Doing this post and watching a taped episode of Heartland Table.


Thinking and pondering... 

That life is just so short.


On my bedside table... 

I've not had time to read this past week so the books from last week are still on my table.

Are We Walking To Alaska?

The Runaway Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel


On my tv tonight... 

 Still my House episodes, re-runs that I've taped.

NatGeo Wild Channel.

Heartland Table episodes


As I look out my window...

 I'm seeing light in the sky a few birds flying high in the sky going back and forth.  I'm thinking they are going about their day.


On the Menu for this week... 

 Not really sure yet.  With my dad being a diabetic I need to sit down and go through my recipes and find ones that will work for all of us.


On my to-do list...


Clean up the sugaring mess before the next round.


Happening this week... 

 Taking my dad to his doctors appointments.


What I am sewing, knitting, crocheting or creating:

My sewing and knitting is on hold for the moment until sugaring is over.


Looking forward to this week...

 The few days off from sugaring until the next run starts.

Lunch date with my hubby.


New Recipe I tried or want to try soon...

 Sandra also has a food blog and I've made some of her recipes and this is one I want to try.

Turkey Pepper Jack Meatballs


Lessons learned the past week...

If my gut is telling me something is wrong...believe it.


Looking around the house...

 I see piles of magazines and books that need to be looked through and weeded out.  I'm also seeing a few reminders that the grandchildren were here.


From the camera... 

Days batch


Prayer list... 

Friends of ours who's house burned, thanking God that no one was in the house and all are safe.

 My dad.


Bible verse, devotional...

Consider it all joy my brethren,

when you encounter various trials.

James 1:2


 Linking with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.


yesterday :: today


Blueberry pie



Yesterday I relaxed in the afternoon.

Today I won't be so much.

Yesterday I ate pie.

Today I can''s all gone :)

Yesterday we gathered sap in beautiful 40° weather.

Today it snows.

Yesterday our homemade evaporator arch was remodeled.

Today it's back together.

Yesterday the sun shined.

Today it's cloudy.

Yesterday I loved my life.

Today I love it even more.


{happy homemaker monday}

Good morning!  It's Monday and I thought I would try and get back into doing Happy Homemaker Monday that Sandra hosts over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom blog.  I had a wonderful weekend.  How about you?  We had our annual corned beef and cabbage yesterday, I didn't make it this year we went out for it.



The Weather...

Right now it's 15° outside and it's 3 days to spring.


Right now I am...

Doing this post, looking out the window as my computer desk is right next to it.  Seeing that it is starting to get lighter outside.  The quiet of the morning is gone, Mr is up from the office on his way out to get milk from the Amish, the parents are starting to stir and venture out into my quiet morning.


Thinking and pondering...

I have a few things on my to-do list this week that need to get done.


On my bedside table...

I have a couple books going right now.

Are We Walking To Alaska?

The Runaway Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel


On my tv tonight...

Trisha Yearwood's Southern Cooking

House episodes,

other than that not too much.


As I look out my window...

I see snow still on the ground.  I see sap buckets on the trees.  I see a beautiful day beginning.


On the Menu for this week...

Not in any particular order as we are sugaring this week and I never know what I can make on what particular day.

Meatballs and cheesy potatoes

Italian beef

Shepherd's pie

Crock-pot Beef and Broccoli

Taco ring

Bacon Chicken ring

Sloppy Joe's


On my to-do list...



The usual Monday stuff.


Happening this week...

Getting ready for company.

Making maple syrup.


What I am sewing, knitting, crocheting or creating:

Some UFO's that I need to get done.


Looking forward to this week...

When our daughter and the grand-kids come.


My simple pleasure...

The smell of babies.


Lessons learned the last week...

I need to keep butter next to the stove when I'm finishing off syrup, on the off chance it boils over, and it did ☺


Looking around the house...

I see a quiet cozy home, a few lights on but not enough light to brighten it up any.  I love sitting in the quiet morning with the lights low and blog and just have time to myself before the day gets going.


From the camera...

Eggs separating for the homemade waffle batter I made the other day.  I thought it made a neat shot.

Seperating eggs


On my prayer list...

My cousin's brother-in-law who was in an accident.


Bible verse, devotional...

 Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love.

Ephesians 4:2



weeks end



Kfc chicken and chips

Sap bucket


Sadie and mister

Finally getting some sewing projects done that have been waiting for my attention.

The top one is a pillowcase, my embroidery machine was in the shop getting fixed when I made a couple of pillowcases for 2 grand-kids so I wasn't able to put their names on them.  I finally got around to embroidering them, but I messed up on adding the name to one of them, so I made a new one, the second one I will show you later what it is.

I just love Pinterest tho I never seem to get on it as much as I'd like, but I found a recipe for baked "fried" chicken, it turned out great and with Homemade Potato Chips the meal tasted so good.

We've been gathering sap and will boil tomorrow.  It's been slow going with the sap but it should pick up next week.

It's been nice being out in the sugar bush.  Filling the sap vat I heard a turkey gobble, it's been a while since I've been outside to hear any kind of wildlife.

Naughty kitty is still hanging out around the feeders as much as he can.  Mary asked me where Missy is and I'm sad to say she's no longer with us.  She was around here Thanksgiving time but after that she wasn't around.  Mister was very lonesome for about a week then when it got below zero we brought him in to sleep with Sadie, and would you believe that they are now officially friends. 

Who would have thought.

It's the weekend, I hope you have a good one.


sugaring time

3 buckets

Path 1

Buckets 2

Path 2


Path to house

The trees are tapped and now we'll see how much sap we get this season and how much syrup we bottle up.

Some of the paths that Mr plowed are starting to melt and some he's needing to shovel the snow.  The snow is deep in some places but the RTV gets around in the sugar bush pretty good, tho we did get stuck in one area but Mr had a winch put on the RTV when we bought it and it pulled us out.

The temps for the upcoming days are going to be perfect for the sap to run.

Waiting all year for sugaring it felt good to be out in the bush again.


Lap quilt

Bread pan


Would you believe I went to Illinois again?  I did.  My daughter and her family moved into a new home so I went there over the weekend to help with the move.  Mr stayed to set taps for sugaring. 

Lap quilt made at the last quilt retreat all made from fabrics in my stash and it's perfect for in the car.

Mr got me a couple of new bread pans for Christmas and I'm so loving them, they make the best bread.

Mr sent me a text of our sign.  I was wanting to hang a couple of sap buckets around the yard and on our sign and this is what he surprised me with.  Don't worry about my barn quilt on the barn, it is just fine, the lighting just washed it out in the shot.

I've also been doing some spring cleaning around here, living in a log home makes dusting a huge chore, tho spring hasn't officially arrived, and with the temps we had yesterday you would think it did.