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pheasant run

Mr caught sight of this pheasant as we were driving by, you can see his color more in the top photo than in the other ones.

Pheasant head

Pheasant 1

Pheasant 2

Pheasant 3

Pheasant 4


Lots going on around here, I've hardly been home at all over the past couple of weeks.  I've neglected my blog and I haven't been reading blogs, just been too busy. 

I will be back soon, I promise.


silly young'un

Thinks he can pick off a duck.  We got to see a funny thing with a young eagle trying to get one of the ducks in the water.  Sorry that some of the shots aren't that clear, it went so fast I couldn't focus well.  It started off with the eagle flying by the duck in the second photo, then circling around and going in.

Young one

Flying by

Making the turn

Heading in

The duck was too fast for him.

Going under

Heading out

He gave up and went to scope out more prey.

At the top

I'm thinking that the adult eagle sitting high in the tree was having a good laugh watching it all go down.  Probably thinking silly young'un.

Adult eagle

Hope you enjoyed this series of photos, it really was a sight to see.

Have a wonderful day!


sunday outing

Sunday we took a drive to see the eagles.  The reports for the Mississippi river said that eagle sightings were poor, so we headed to Prairie Du Sac to see the eagles there. 

A few shots from our outing, the first one as we are leaving our drive.

Morning sun


Wild turkeys

Adult eagle

Canada geese

Home again.

Front of house

It's the end of the day and I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.


trip to texas

I took off for a few days and headed down to Texas, leaving Mr behind.


It was so nice to get away from the cold weather and see the kids down there. 

Texas trip

Getting together almost always involves food.

Eating chips



As much as I enjoy winter, I was really loving it in the warmer weather.

Vintage cake

I could go for another slice of cake right about now.


home sweet home

Dinner collage

Grains and flour shelf

Grinding flour

Bread flour


Thumbprint cookies

Most of you know that I grind my own flour and roll my own oats.  Well today was grinding day as I was out of flour.  Last week I made the best cookies, and I believe these will be on my next years Christmas baking list.  They are healthy, made from my fresh ground pastry flour, pure maple syrup, local honey, sunflower oil and pecans.

It took a while to get all that sugar out of my system from all the Christmas baking that I did.  I know I didn't have to eat it, but it sure tasted good :)


coyote sighting

We hear the coyotes at night but I have yet to see one, until now.  Mr spied it going across the neighbors field as we were leaving the farm.


Coyote 1

I think it was aware of us being up on the hill and when it got to the edge of the tree line, it turned and looked over at where we were at.

Coyote 2

Our neighbor figures it has a den somewhere close by.  It's been spotted about 3 times in broad daylight.

I'm glad he was out and about on this day.


celebration of life

First off I want to thank all of you for your kind words.  Mr and I went to the visitation and funeral, and I've come to the conclusion that funerals need to be changed to celebration of life.

We woke up the day of the funeral to it snowing and so what did our son and another neighbor do, they shoveled the driveway so that the family could get to the funeral celebration of life on time, and Mr shoveled our son's driveway.

Shoveling the neighbors

I grabbed from Mr's face book page something he wrote.

A couple lessons from Steve:
Live every day to its fullest.
Be true to yourself.
Help your friends when you think they need it, do not wait until they ask.
Don't worry if you happen to be a bit rough around the edges, people who stick around will find out soon enough what your heart is made of.
May you rest in peace, Steve, I will take a part of you where ever I go.


We cried and we laughed and many people shared a story about Steve, and a good portion of them were of him helping someone in some way or another.  That was the kind of guy he was.

I have to say it was very healing, I think for everyone.

Celebration of life, that's what I'm going to call funerals from now on.