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sherry hen

I realized that I didn't show you the visitor that arrived a few weeks before Christmas.  You have heard of Flat Stanley I'm sure, well this is Sherry Hen, and I was toward the end of Sherry Hen's travels.

Sherry Hen arrived on a foggy rainy day in time to help me set up the Christmas tree and have dinner with us.

Sherry Hen


She even traveled to Illinois with us when we went to see our granddaughter perform in her school musical.

The play

After coming back Mr and I had gotten sick and Sherry Hen had to entertain herself for a bit before I shipped her off to her last destination.  A journal book came along with Sherry Hen for everyone to make entries of what she did on all her visits.  It was fun to read all the entries and I was glad to be at the tail end of it.

Journal book

It was such a fun thing to do and I can't wait for Sherry Hen to come around again.