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We are still in a deep freeze over here in Southwest Wisconsin.  I'm going to be taking a bit of a break.  It's been too cold to get out and take any photos and we've had a bit of sad news. 

Our neighbor of about 25 years from Illinois passed away on Monday from a heart attack.  Steve was the kind of neighbor that anyone would want to have.  He was around 57 years old, just retired, and he and his wife Dawn were planning life after kids.

We built our homes at around the same time, we raised our kids the same time (tho we had a few more than they did).  When we told them we were moving they worried who would be moving into our home, that was until they found out it was our son and daughter-in-law who was buying our home.  We both would keep an eye on each others homes, we didn't have to even be asked we just did it, that's just how it was.

Good neighbors and friends are hard to come by.

Rest in peace Steve, you will be greatly missed.


5 days

It's been five days since I've last posted.  I have been to Illinois twice to bring and pick Mr up from the airport.  He went to Georgia for a class on fly rod building.  I didn't want to be stuck for 8 days without a vehicle so I drove him to O'Hare airport stayed the night with our son and his family, went back home and puttered around, went to lunch with a friend, did some sewing, then at the end of the week I drove back to Illinois and stayed the night with my daughter and her family.  It was fun visiting with them both and seeing the grand-kids.

Looking out my kitchen window this morning, seeing Mr out on the tractor in -11 temps plowing the drive, it has been blowing and drifting here.

Out my window  Plowing

Plowing the drive

Blowing snow

On Sunday we spied an eagle sitting up in a tree on the other side of the hay field.  I'll have you know, I had just gotten out of the shower, I had a soaking wet head under my wool hat, we had strapped on the snowshoes and Mr and I trudged out across the deep snow covered hay field to try and get up close to it.  I was pumped to be able to get as close to it as we did.

High in tree_edited

Eagle 1-14

Then yesterday looking out the patio window I spied a red headed woodpecker at the feeder. This one hasn't been visiting for awhile but the blue jay sure has.  These were shot through the window.

Red headed

Blue jay

If you are having the cold temps, I hope you are all staying warm.


sherry hen

I realized that I didn't show you the visitor that arrived a few weeks before Christmas.  You have heard of Flat Stanley I'm sure, well this is Sherry Hen, and I was toward the end of Sherry Hen's travels.

Sherry Hen arrived on a foggy rainy day in time to help me set up the Christmas tree and have dinner with us.

Sherry Hen


She even traveled to Illinois with us when we went to see our granddaughter perform in her school musical.

The play

After coming back Mr and I had gotten sick and Sherry Hen had to entertain herself for a bit before I shipped her off to her last destination.  A journal book came along with Sherry Hen for everyone to make entries of what she did on all her visits.  It was fun to read all the entries and I was glad to be at the tail end of it.

Journal book

It was such a fun thing to do and I can't wait for Sherry Hen to come around again.


wisconsin winter

Looking out the window I see winter.  I see snow.  I see the birds eating at the feeders.  I see an occasional eagle flying high in the sky.

Looking out

Blowing and drifting snow here in Southwest Wisconsin can be a challenge when trying to drive in it.


And the few vehicles you will most likely pass on the road here in Southwest Wisconsin can also be a bit challenging.

Winter drive

Farm tractor

Milk truck

I'm not walking the beaches of Galveston Island this January, I'm walking the snow drifts of Southwest Wisconsin and that's okay, I love my life here in Southwest Wisconsin on the ridge in the Ocooch Mountains.


wildcat mountain

We took a 2 1/2 mile hike in Wildcat Mountain State Park, where the elevation fluctuated up and down, it took us 1 hour 40 minutes to hike this trail which was called Old Settlers Trail.

It was a beautifully warm day.  We did bring our snowshoes but didn't need them and in places it would probably have been a bit dangerous to be wearing them so we kept them in the van.

Overlook view_

Frozen river


  Huge rock

  Checking the view

Checking out the rock wall

At the top

The rock was a bit frosted over but looked so cool up close.

Rock wall

  Big rock


This was another neat thing to see on our venture, it's called Ice Cave.

Ice cave

Ice cave collage

What an awesome day we had.  Now I'm going to probably sleep like a log tonight.  If you are ever in Southwest Wisconsin and love to hike you have to check the Wildcat Mountain State Park out.


foggy day

Icy tree

Foggy view

Yesterday was not a nice day here at the farm.  We had fog and rain that made the roads very icy to travel on.  Mr and I had plans to meet friends in Madison for dinner but we ended up cancelling because of the weather and going no where.  A warm fire, tasty food and a couple of good movies made up for our disappointment.


hot :: soup

To warm you up on a cold winters day.

Beef soup

Homemade soup made from local beef, whole wheat bread made from fresh ground flour and farm fresh milk straight from a cow that had been milked a couple of days ago.

The temps are still pretty chilly here, tho Mr and I have been getting out snowshoeing and walking it's been quite nice.  Continuing to embrace these cold winter days.