the frozen river
winter scenes

taking sauna

I know I have talked about taking sauna, so the other day when we took sauna I brought my camera along.

Wood pile

Sauna 2

Window pane


Sauna 4

In the winter Mr gets fresh snow to melt for washing up and throwing steam.  We don't have running water and we finally have electricity instead of using an oil lamp which is very quaint and cozy at night, but electric lights are much safer.

Snow buckets

Melting snow

Filling up the reservoir

When the hot water reservoir gets hot enough we fill the buckets so that we are not washing up with cold water.

Hot water

Any water left in the buckets from the last time the sauna was used will freeze in the winter, then we have to melt it down.

Melting the ice

Sauna soap

This is the most traditional as you can get for a sauna.


Sauna has always been a big part of both of our lives growing up and as adults.  I've only come to really appreciate having a sauna at our fingertips.