wishing you
a december sunset

quiet and simple

We had a traditional Christmas this year, it was quiet and simple.  The menu was simple, the day was quiet.

Finnish christmas meal

I made homemade eggnog from this recipe, I used raw milk, farm fresh eggs, my homemade vanilla and our maple syrup.

Homemade eggnog

We didn't have all the traditional foods on Christmas eve, we just couldn't eat it all so we had some on Christmas day, rieska, smoked salmon and rice pudding.

Bread and fish

I have to show you my all time favorite gift which was from Mr, I already played around with it some and it is AWESOME!!!


We've had snow falling the past couple of days and it's beautiful!

The feeders have been full and the birds have been eating as much as we have.

Bird feeder

Blue Jay

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas.