first attempt at candle making
happy new year

chocolate kisses

Bag full of kisses


Chocolate kisses

Kiss cookies

The house is quiet our company is asleep, Mr and our grandson went out hunting this morning, so I thought I would pop on the computer and finish up this post I had started a couple of days ago before our company came.

I did a bit more baking and I think this will be the last, if I eat anymore cookies I'm going to turn into a cookie ;0

I do love making kiss cookies.  I've posted way back in 2008 a tip on how not to bite into a hard chocolate kiss on your kiss cookie.

Wow, have I really been blogging that long.

Hint on the Kiss cookies, I bake mine for 6 minutes then put the chocolate kiss on, then I put the cookies back in the oven for 3-5 minutes more.  You won't be biting into hard chocolate anymore.

Once you try this you will never go back to biting into a hard chocolate kiss.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, any plans of celebration or are you going to quietly bring in the New Year?

I think we are going to quietly bring in the New Year.