it started as a cloud
beautiful sunset at the end of the day

cayenne pepper & sauna

What an odd combination eh?  Mr and I both came down with some kind of flu on Sunday and have been pretty much doing nothing since then.  Not much work getting done for Mr in the office and I'm so happy that I have 99.9999% of my Christmas shopping done.  I have 3 packages to mail out and was going to do that this week but I guess a few more days won't make a difference.

I'm all about natural home remedies and when my daughter-in-law told me about cayenne pepper and sore throats I knew I had to try it when we came down with this flu.  I'm not a fan of drinking cayenne pepper but I will because it did relieve the soreness. 

The other home remedy is our sauna.  We have a sign and on the sign it is written in Finnish and goes like this "Sauna on köyhän miehen apteekki" translation to english it means "Sauna is on, the poor man's pharmacy".  We really should go sauna everynight but we don't.

Sauna 12-13

It seems like a long walk to the sauna when you're not feeling good but it's worth it, even on a cold winters day.