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happy new year

a year in review

I went through all my posts for the year and thought I would do a post on the best moments of each month.


This post, and this post, and this post are my favorite ones from January, because we got to spend time with family.

January collage


We got to babysit our grands for a few days.  The best part was again spending time with our grandchildren.

Watching grandpa


The first tap of the season is so exciting.

Hanging buckets


A new grand-baby came in April.

Baby A



I couldn't decide which one topped the other so I'm going to go with both the making of our barn and my sewing room.

May collage


For the month of June it was seeing our daughter, son-in-law and grand-kids on our way to Door County.

Fathers day


We were very busy this summer and had company a couple of times.  Guess who?

July collageAugust

There were quite a few posts in August that are memorable for me.  This one, this one, and this one.

The grands

Texas trip


We took our grand-kids out for the afternoon when they were visiting.



Grandparents day was at the top for his month.

Grandparents day 2013

Playing a game


Seeing our Texas son was such a treat, and babysitting the grands carving pumpkins was too, as well as Thanksgiving.

Checking the target


Thanksgiving collage


Winter solstice was a great moment.

Winter solstice

I have to say that looking through all my posts from the year without a doubt family time were the moments that I loved the most and ending 2014 was no different.

Lin collage

What an awesome way to end the year, we started with family and ended with family.

I hope everyone rings in the New Year happy and safely.