snowy morning
the beginning of the week


Yummy blueberries

It's been a crazy kind of week...Not too many photos did I take.

  • I brought dinner and a blueberry pie to our neighbor who had knee replacement surgery.  Of course I had to make a pie for us too.  This summer we bought some fresh blueberries that came around on a truck and I froze them.  Next year I plan to buy more, they just taste so good.
  • The barn roof is done and it looks great.  We also are so happy that no-one got hurt, tho Mr did hear something that sounded like someone sliding down the roof but no-one ended up on the ground so he didn't ask any questions.
  • Mr is still making wood, the wood pile for maple sugaring is finished, he's now making enough wood to keep us warm for the long winter months ahead.
  • Deer hunting season is coming upon us and would you believe I spied a big buck pass through the woods.  I'm sure Mr won't be seeing him around when hunting time comes.
  • I've been really getting into the holiday spirit way more than I have ever been.  I'm actually more than half done with my Christmas shopping and gift making this year.  I wanted to be almost done by Thanksgiving and it looks like I will be...Yay!!

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas.  How about you all, anyone getting into the holiday spirit?


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