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it's that time of year

No deer yet but Mr has only been out a few times. 

Deer processing

Our Texas son came up for a short visit. We got to listen to him play his Irish Tin Whistle, and Mr and Jay did some target shooting.

Tin whistle

Checking the target

Driving him to O'Hare Airport wasn't bad, tho it was a bit of a trip, we stopped to shop on the way home and stopped for a bite to eat.

Jays visit 1

It's going to be a busy week and I'm going to be taking a bit of a blogging break, with family coming in it'll be hard to get on the computer.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


it's finally done

When the roofers got here it started snowing!  

It was not supposed to snow long and they were able to start despite the snow and ice on the roof.

It's snowing

Starting to roof

Cutting trim

The cupola The truck

Cutting the sheets


Almost done

We love the color and the other day I looked out the kitchen window and spied Sadie sitting outside the door waiting for Mr who was in the barn, she was actually facing the door but when I went on the porch to take this photo, she turned around to see what I was doing.

Finished barn

I do love looking out my kitchen window and seeing this.


november note card party

I am joining Vee (Finally!! I've been wanting to do this for a long time) in her Note Card Party, and since it's November and the month for many blessings and still considered autumn I went with that theme.

Center piece


Rose hips


Each one of these photos is from last years Thanksgiving at my son and daughter-in-laws, so those who read my blog will have seen these before and those of you who are new to my blog these will be new to you :)

If you'd like to join you can find the rules here for the Note Card Party.


the beginning of the week

Good Morning Y'all!  Another week begins.  I just came off from having a nice time at another quilt retreat.  I won't be going on another one for a few months (insert frown).

I've been sitting here checking out blogs and watching some cooking shows on Thanksgiving trying to figure out what I want to have on the menu.  Yes I can multi-task, I had 11 children remember :)

Tree skirt

We've had some really bad weather come through here in the Midwest over the weekend, I'm sure some of you have either heard about it or had it yourself.  My thoughts and prayers go to my "home" state of Illinois and the tornado that hit there, as well as the other areas that have been hit.

Let the week begin.



Yummy blueberries

It's been a crazy kind of week...Not too many photos did I take.

  • I brought dinner and a blueberry pie to our neighbor who had knee replacement surgery.  Of course I had to make a pie for us too.  This summer we bought some fresh blueberries that came around on a truck and I froze them.  Next year I plan to buy more, they just taste so good.
  • The barn roof is done and it looks great.  We also are so happy that no-one got hurt, tho Mr did hear something that sounded like someone sliding down the roof but no-one ended up on the ground so he didn't ask any questions.
  • Mr is still making wood, the wood pile for maple sugaring is finished, he's now making enough wood to keep us warm for the long winter months ahead.
  • Deer hunting season is coming upon us and would you believe I spied a big buck pass through the woods.  I'm sure Mr won't be seeing him around when hunting time comes.
  • I've been really getting into the holiday spirit way more than I have ever been.  I'm actually more than half done with my Christmas shopping and gift making this year.  I wanted to be almost done by Thanksgiving and it looks like I will be...Yay!!

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas.  How about you all, anyone getting into the holiday spirit?


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snowy morning

Yesterday we got our first taste of snow here in the Ocooch Mountains and the roofers came to start roofing the barn.  Yay!!  I'll post on that at a later date. 

My parents went through some of their boxes (which isn't many) and decided to bring a load to St Vincent de Paul or otherwise known to us as St Vinny's.  So my dad and I took a drive.  I love driving though the hills especially on the kind of day it was yesterday.

Snowy morning

Later in the day my dad tells me a little birdie hit our sliding glass door.  Oh no, not again.  I wasn't that worried because we haven't lost a bird yet that have hit the window, they have always only been stunned and eventually would fly away.  My concern this time was that one of the barn cats would find it and decide to have a little snack, so I ended up standing outside with a broom in my hand keeping guard over the little birdie.


Be rest assured that it did end up flying away to safety.

I'm telling you if it's not one thing it's another happening here at Gentle Hearth Farm.  Never a dull moment.


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making wood

Wood pile

Making wood


I've been seeing a few blog posts out there that have to do with snow.  We had a few flakes come down maybe a week ago but nothing to get excited about.  Mr has been making wood for the wood stove, sauna and maple sugaring.  We ran out of wood for sugaring this past year and don't plan on having that happen again. 

Fall 1

He's still not done and plans to head out to the woods again for a few hours today to get more.

We will be ready that's for sure.