35 years today
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I haven't taken any photos lately with my camera so I'll show you a couple from our Hot Springs trip. 

Since we've been going down to Texas we've always tried to stop in Hot Springs and go to one of the bath houses there, but it's never worked out for us.  So this past August when we met three of our sons, their wives and the grand-kids down in Hot Springs Ak we decided to visit one.

I was a bit hesitant to go and it was definitely an experience, and I'm of two minds if I'll ever visit one again.


There is a fountain in town where you can fill up spring water by the gallons.

Water fountain

Heading to see the hot springs that are natural to this area.

Running to the springs


Testing the spring water, and holding on tight so she doesn't fall in.

Leaning over

Of course we have to have a contest as to who can keep their hand in the hot spring water the longest.  I'll admit I tried it and lost :)


It was hot, very hot, and of course we had to torture the poor grand-kids to pose for a picture :)


I hope to find time today to visit blogs, everyday just seems to get more busier and busier.