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women of faith 2013

here kitty kitty

This is how I get entertained now, I watch the kittens play.  They feel safe on the back deck, because Sadie can't get to them, both stairs are gated.  Mister (on the right) still keeps and eye out for her, but Missy is a bit more braver and will lay on the top step to the deck with Sadie down below.  I'm with Mister, I don't quite trust Sadie and what she'll do, I'm hoping one of them will give her a good swipe with their paw and maybe she'll leave them alone.

Missy and mister 2

Missy and mister

Mister and missy

Still playing

Leave us alone


Missy 1

In the mornings and evenings they'll come and sit by our patio door letting me know that they are wanting to be fed.  How cute is that!


Hahah, sorry for the kitty post, I just had to share how cute they are :)

Have an awesome day today!