hummingbird infestation
are you ready for autumn?

did i say i've been busy?

I realized how busy I've been, when I went down to my sewing room to cut fabric for another quilt I'm starting, and I saw that I had left another quilt I was still working on, ON the machine.  Whew!!!  I'm just glad I didn't leave my machine on.  I got pulled away to do something the other day and totally forgot that I was in the middle of sewing this quilt.  Then I got started on my Barn Quilt and it was out of my mind for good.

Pink quilt

The barn is coming along, the doors are on and working great, this shot is when they were still working on them.

Barn doors

We finally got rain in the night and woke up in the morning to fog in the valley.  I'm looking forward to seeing the fall colors again off our back deck.


On my walks in the morning I get to pass fields like this one.  You can tell summer is over as the bean fields are starting to turn yellow.  I took this shot with my cell phone.


I can't close this post without showing you a cow picture.  I haven't posted a cow photo in awhile.

Lone cow

I hope Y'All have a wonderful day today!