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barn kittens

I went to a quilt retreat on Sunday, so I was gone when Jim went to get the kittens.  The kittens are 12 and 16 weeks old.  The female being the older of the two.  I guess it was interesting bringing them home.  This is where the female rode on the way home, photo taken by Jim's cell phone.  The male went under the front seat to hide.  Jim sent me some photos of the kittens.


Here's the male, another photo Mr had taken.


The kittens are half wild, being that they have lived out in a barn and away from people.  I would get updates from Jim that the female was warming up to him, but the male kept his distance.  When I got home today the kittens were nowhere in sight and had been missing since the night before.  Jim was a bit worried that something might have happened to them.  But as night fell tonight we could hear meowing outside, and there the little things were.

We don't really have any names yet really, but Jim's been calling them Missy and Mr, so I'm thinking those are going to stick.  The female has gotten really comfortable, but the male is still a bit skittish.

Getting acquainted


They really are cute, and I'm happy that they are safe.

Now to get Sadie to accept them and not want to go after them.  Jim says they can hold their own against her.  She's going to have to learn that they are now a part of the family and she's going to have to learn that they are not the enemy :)