are you ready for autumn?
barn kittens

almost there

To being farmers that is.  I think we can say we are almost farmers.  We have a barn and it's almost done, a few odds and ends need to get done, like trim, a roof, the cupola, and today Mr worked on the landscaping.


Went to town today to pick up a few things, the local grocery store has a bulletin board and on a whim I tore the phone number from a flier posted for "FREE KITTENS".  So we called, and tomorrow we'll be picking up a couple of barn kittens that appear to already know how to be mousers, according to the owner of the kittens.  She said the parents are great mousers.  Yay!  Maybe now those darn voles will be taken care of.

We're getting chickens this spring, layers and probably meat birds as well, I totally can't wait.  The next big project over the winter will be building a chicken coop.

We build a barn, and it doesn't take us long to fill it up.