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35 years today



I married the most wonderful amazing man who....

ate whatever I put on the table at suppertime,

 I never really had to ask to change a diaper when the kids were little, all he had to do was just smell :)

made sure we always had food and clothing,

never thought doing "woman's" work was not beneath him,

has the same/similar hopes and dreams as I do,

put up with a crazy me,

loved his family and accepts us for who we are,

 is definitely not the same man I married 35 years ago...he's better!!!

I love you Mr!

Happy Anniversary!


women of faith 2013

I waited a whole year for this and I was not dissapointed.

Women of faith 2013

I had an awesome time listening to the many wonderful speakers and singers at the event, which included, CeCe Winans, Mark Lowry of the Gaither Vocal Band and Billy and Ruth Grahams grandson Tullian Tchividjian.

Singers and speakers

I sooooo can't wait for the next one.


here kitty kitty

This is how I get entertained now, I watch the kittens play.  They feel safe on the back deck, because Sadie can't get to them, both stairs are gated.  Mister (on the right) still keeps and eye out for her, but Missy is a bit more braver and will lay on the top step to the deck with Sadie down below.  I'm with Mister, I don't quite trust Sadie and what she'll do, I'm hoping one of them will give her a good swipe with their paw and maybe she'll leave them alone.

Missy and mister 2

Missy and mister

Mister and missy

Still playing

Leave us alone


Missy 1

In the mornings and evenings they'll come and sit by our patio door letting me know that they are wanting to be fed.  How cute is that!


Hahah, sorry for the kitty post, I just had to share how cute they are :)

Have an awesome day today!


4 wheeling trip

Or you could say RTV trip (Rugged Terrain Vehicle).  Our neighbor invited us to go on an ATV trip starting from his farm that he hosts every year.  Depending on who you talked to there, we either went 14 miles or 18 miles in a 3 hour ride :)  There were 27 machines on the ride and we were 14th in line.

Line up

That's the back end of our RTV.

Getting ready

Off we go, there was a total of 27 machines.

Heading out

Through the woods

Through a pasture

Around the pond_

Heading through the meadow

The first stop was at our barn this year.

Our barn stop

Off again

Through the woods again

Last stop

Heading back

After the ride we all ate and visited.  It was a perfect way to end a wonderful day.

I look forward to doing this again.


autumn begins

We went to apple country yesterday after the barn quilt was up.  It was a beautiful drive through the country, no color changes yet, but we did see small patches of color here and there through the hills.  Coming home we took a detour through Amish country, this wagon actually pulled out in front of us.  Luckily we were playing tourists and going pretty slow.  You can check here to see some other shots I took.

Amish wagon 3

I can always tell if Amish live nearby when driving places, you just have to look at the road and see the buggy tracks.


We turned around and the place where the wagon pulled out in front of us, another wagon was all loaded up ready to go.

Loaded up

I love how they stack the corn to dry, I posted a photo here on my down a country road blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday on this beautiful 1st day of Autumn.


it's done

The barn might not be totally finished but the barn quilt is up.  We went with a 7x7 block, as an 8x8 would have been a bit tight. 

Barn quilt

I made a collage of the photos I took of it going up on the barn.  I figured this way you wouldn't have loads of photos to scroll through, plus it was much easier to post this way.

Barn quilt collage

Looking at the barn from the road, you can see it pretty good.  

Barn quilt 1

The sky looked like it would rain on us at any moment but it didn't.

Now we're off to the apple orchards.  Have a wonderful day today!


barn kittens

I went to a quilt retreat on Sunday, so I was gone when Jim went to get the kittens.  The kittens are 12 and 16 weeks old.  The female being the older of the two.  I guess it was interesting bringing them home.  This is where the female rode on the way home, photo taken by Jim's cell phone.  The male went under the front seat to hide.  Jim sent me some photos of the kittens.


Here's the male, another photo Mr had taken.


The kittens are half wild, being that they have lived out in a barn and away from people.  I would get updates from Jim that the female was warming up to him, but the male kept his distance.  When I got home today the kittens were nowhere in sight and had been missing since the night before.  Jim was a bit worried that something might have happened to them.  But as night fell tonight we could hear meowing outside, and there the little things were.

We don't really have any names yet really, but Jim's been calling them Missy and Mr, so I'm thinking those are going to stick.  The female has gotten really comfortable, but the male is still a bit skittish.

Getting acquainted


They really are cute, and I'm happy that they are safe.

Now to get Sadie to accept them and not want to go after them.  Jim says they can hold their own against her.  She's going to have to learn that they are now a part of the family and she's going to have to learn that they are not the enemy :)


almost there

To being farmers that is.  I think we can say we are almost farmers.  We have a barn and it's almost done, a few odds and ends need to get done, like trim, a roof, the cupola, and today Mr worked on the landscaping.


Went to town today to pick up a few things, the local grocery store has a bulletin board and on a whim I tore the phone number from a flier posted for "FREE KITTENS".  So we called, and tomorrow we'll be picking up a couple of barn kittens that appear to already know how to be mousers, according to the owner of the kittens.  She said the parents are great mousers.  Yay!  Maybe now those darn voles will be taken care of.

We're getting chickens this spring, layers and probably meat birds as well, I totally can't wait.  The next big project over the winter will be building a chicken coop.

We build a barn, and it doesn't take us long to fill it up.


are you ready for autumn?

I saw this on a calender in the local quilt shop for September month and I took a picture of it with my cell phone.  I thought I'd share it with you today.  The temps were 46 degrees when I woke up today and I'm not complaining.  I'm painting the last color on the barn quilt and I'm so looking forward to a cooler day painting.  Yesterday was cooler but very windy.  We are off tonight to have a wonderful dinner in Madison, compliments of our son and daughter-in-law.

Have a wonderful Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious?