can you smell it?
a sneak peak

60 years

My parents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, so today we headed to Madison to celebrate, my sister, my brother and sister-in-law, the Mr and I along with my parents had a really nice time.  While in Madison we took advantage and picked up a few things.

60th Ann

The barn is coming along nicely, it's halfway sided.  This is the side that my barn quilt is going to be hung up at.  Mr took this shot with his cell phone.


I started painting the first coat of primer on the boards, and will put another coat on it in the morning and later I'm hoping to be able to start drawing my block pattern out on the board (another cell phone shot that I took). 

Barn quilt boards

It's so awesome to be able to work in the barn, even tho it's half done.  What a wonderful day we had, visiting with family and getting to work in our barn.

What more could a girl ask for :)))