autumn begins
here kitty kitty

4 wheeling trip

Or you could say RTV trip (Rugged Terrain Vehicle).  Our neighbor invited us to go on an ATV trip starting from his farm that he hosts every year.  Depending on who you talked to there, we either went 14 miles or 18 miles in a 3 hour ride :)  There were 27 machines on the ride and we were 14th in line.

Line up

That's the back end of our RTV.

Getting ready

Off we go, there was a total of 27 machines.

Heading out

Through the woods

Through a pasture

Around the pond_

Heading through the meadow

The first stop was at our barn this year.

Our barn stop

Off again

Through the woods again

Last stop

Heading back

After the ride we all ate and visited.  It was a perfect way to end a wonderful day.

I look forward to doing this again.