weekend recap

this and that

Some of the potatoes got dug up the other day for dinner.  Mr say's there is about 5-6 more baskets like this out there, we didn't plant too many potato plants this year.


The barn progress is going slow but good.  We've hired 4 young men to help us on the barn and not sure if they are busy with other things or what, but they've only showed up a few times each, that's okay it's not their job to build our barn, but when they have shown up Mr has gotten a lot of progress done.

Top ridge

I about died when I saw that Mr had put this board up all by himself.


I helped Mr put some rafters up using a pulley system.

Holding the rope

I'm still thinking about our trip down to Hot Springs, we had such a wonderful time and I'm missing these guys :)

The grands

But I'll be seeing 2 of them again, I'm flying out on Thursday with our 2 oldest granddaughters to Texas to visit down there.  It's a girls trip, just us 3, I hope they're excited as I am.