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odd barn

Odd barn

This is a drive-by shot of a barn I spied on our way home from Hot Springs earlier this month.  I can't say that I've ever seen a barn without a window, it just looked so odd to me.


the shoes

It's so important to take care of your shoes, so drying them out in-between wearings is a must if you want them to last.  I was so happy that Mr decided to invest in a pair of roofing shoes, though I still worried about him being up there shoes or no shoes.


The roof is done, the last board got nailed in place, next step is finishing up nailing all the boards down and then making the cupola.


I was craving a piece of blueberry pie, so I just had to make one, Mr and my mom sure didn't complain about it :)

Blueberry pie

I haven't been pulling out the camera that much lately, I've been using my cell phone.  I love Instagram and I've been posting there a lot.  If you do Instagram look me up, I'm dailyyarns, I'd love to see you there.


haying time

Not just for the Amish but for the other farmers around here as well.  Our field was cut when I was in Texas, I'm sorry I missed it as I love to see it get cut and baled.  I just loved the little guy standing there watching.

Amish workers


Look at all the haystacks that need to get picked up.


Tonight we went to a Haystack supper that the Amish put on to raise money for their schools.  I spied this cute Amish girl swinging on a swing while all of us non-Amish folks were standing in line waiting to get food.  This was taken with my cell phone.

Amish girl swinging

I have to say the food was good, it was a different combination, but good.


weekend recap

Texas trip

  • First time flying for one of the granddaughters, she did great!
  • The smash books that their moms gave them were almost filled by the time we got back.  I need to send the photos to them so that they can add them to the book.
  • We went to the pool and grilled out, there we met up with our son and dil and the grand girls.
  • We shopped till we almost dropped.
  • Had a camp-out in the living room.

We all had a great time and the girls were awesome traveling companions.


cell phone shots

I'm back from Texas, but I've got a lot to do around here at the moment so no blogging time.  I just wanted to pop in and say hi to Y'All. 

The shots from the cell phone are not the best, I just wanted to show you three of my beautiful daughters and the two granddaughters that went down with me.

We had a wonderful trip and I can't wait to go back.


The girls

I have to put my comments on moderation right now, cause I've been getting spam seeping through. 

I checked my spam box and there are 4,439 spam comments. 

What is up with that!


this and that

Some of the potatoes got dug up the other day for dinner.  Mr say's there is about 5-6 more baskets like this out there, we didn't plant too many potato plants this year.


The barn progress is going slow but good.  We've hired 4 young men to help us on the barn and not sure if they are busy with other things or what, but they've only showed up a few times each, that's okay it's not their job to build our barn, but when they have shown up Mr has gotten a lot of progress done.

Top ridge

I about died when I saw that Mr had put this board up all by himself.


I helped Mr put some rafters up using a pulley system.

Holding the rope

I'm still thinking about our trip down to Hot Springs, we had such a wonderful time and I'm missing these guys :)

The grands

But I'll be seeing 2 of them again, I'm flying out on Thursday with our 2 oldest granddaughters to Texas to visit down there.  It's a girls trip, just us 3, I hope they're excited as I am.



I hate to even post about this, but the trees are starting to change here at Gentle Hearth Farm.

Color change


Heading to town the other morning my mom and I spied three deer grazing in this opening, the mom took off when she saw us but these two spotted fawns were less afraid and a bit more curious of us then their mom was.

Two fawns

Then heading out last night in the same area where the ones in the above photo were found, Mr and I spied for the first time ever a fawn nursing, we didn't dare move any closer to them for fear of them taking off.

Nursing baby

Still a lot happening around here, and I have a few more photos from our trip still to post.

Y'All have a wonderful weekend.


the fishing hole

Well it wasn't exactly a hole, it was more like a small lake.  The fishing dock was pretty much right outside the back door, the guys and children seemed to really enjoy dropping a line in the water.


Fishing buddies

Ay fishing

Doc and jo



The catch

Touching the fish

Mr's BIG catch.  This one is going to be mounted.

The big catch

I'm with all the others, I enjoyed the fishing too.


This one seemed to enjoy fishing too, at least he did when he was awake :)

Taking a nap

Can't wait to head to the fishing hole again!


down the road again

Are you wondering if I even have a blog anymore?  I am :)

We skipped out of town and headed down to Hot Springs Arkansas to meet up with 3 of our sons and their families.

The barn

After a bit of car sickness heading through the hills out of here, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing.


Crossing the Mississippi in Dubuque Iowa.

The mississippi

I love seeing all the church steeples that you can see while driving through Dubuque.  These are all drive-by shots.

Black steeple

Gold steeple


White steeple

This house up on the hill had a beautiful view of the Mississippi River.

High view

Despite getting sick we had a wonderful time on our trip.  I'll be showing some more photos of the trip when I can.