happy 4th
is there such a thing as having too much fun?

twas a quiet day

The 4th came and went, and we had a wonderful day.  We spent the day working around the farm here.  Mr worked on the barn and I mowed the lawn.  Did I mention ever that I LOVE driving the tractor?  Anyway, Mr hired two local boys to help him with the barn, he just called the high school and talked to the building trades teacher and he gave Mr a few names of guys that he thought would work out for us.  They are great and eager to learn and work, ambitious boys trying to earn money for college, perfect summer job for them.

Figuring things out

It finally stopped raining enough for our neighbor to come and cut the hay.  I missed him cutting it but got a shot of it after it was windrowed.  I just love the smell of fresh cut hay.

Cut hay

Baling it up...


and spitting it out :)

Spitting it out

Don't they just look so beautiful?  We got 16 bales out of this first cutting, that rain sure did help.

Round bales

Time to pick up the bales and store them for this winter.  Nothing like knowing what the beef I'm eating, is eating :)

Picking up the bales

Our helpers couldn't make it out here to help as they work a couple of other jobs as well.  So, I helped Mr with getting one of the big boards up, I was going to help more, that was until he figured he could do it himself.

Barn wall

I made fried chicken (can you believe I never made it before), salad and pumpkin cheesecake for the 4th.

Pumpkin cheese cake

Kind of a quiet celebration here, but that's okay with us.  We got a lot accomplished around here.