bring on the heat
summer fun

coming up for air

The parents are here, Sunday around lunch time we took off to Illinois to get them and started packing after we had a delicious dinner that our son and daughter-in-law made for us all.  Then the packing began and we continued to pack until we took off to come here around noon on Monday.  I did not take any photos, I never even thought to take the camera out, it was packed away in the bottom of one of the new bags I had made and never came out.

I'll show you my coneflowers instead.  The garden is filling in pretty good and the problem I was having here about hiding those big ugly tank covers is no longer a problem.


Some of the coneflowers are so big and beautiful!

Purple coneflower


I have been on a bag making kick lately and I whipped up this bag I found on Craftsy.

Big bag

It's been hotter than anything here, but we've managed to sit out on the front deck last night, it wasn't the heat the chased us in but the gnats, which are finally on the way out for the year.

Dad and mom

It's going to be pretty quiet here on the blog, still busy unpacking and settling the parents in.  I'm trying to visit Y'all when I can, but we still have to get them established with a doctor and other odds and ends that need to be done when people move to another state.

I hope Y'all are staying cool if you're having the hot weather like we are having.